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Spa Pure pH up is sold in a 1 pound blue bottle with green screw on cap. The label is blue with an upside down green water droplet on the right side. In white lettering it reads: Increases pH. Prevents corrosion. Active ingredient Sodium Carbonate, keep out of reach of children. Caution! May cause eye and skin irritation. See first aid and additional precautions on back panel.

SPA-7312140A - 1# Spa Pure pH Up

SKU: SPA-7312140A

pH is vital to comfort and safety. Low pH makes water corrosive which is uncomfortable and will slowly eat away at the sensitive equipment in your spa. When pH is in the ideal range everything in the spa works better and the water is most comfortable to spa users.

  • Fast dissolving
  • Increases water comfort
  • Protects spa and equipment