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This product by Oxygen Pools is packaged in a ten pound white bucket with a blue lid.  Blue writing on the bucket matches its lid and says its a “precision blend” and “weekly additive”.  This product also shocks pool water, controls algae, clears cloudy water, prevents green water and inhibits scaling.  Vertical writing on the bucket’s left says “Formula O”.  The list of ingredients are given as well as a bold caution for children.

Formula "O" (10lb) by Oxygen Pools

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Formula “O” offers a simple, once a week additive to the pool water and simplifies treatment by combining several supplemental chemicals into one easy weekly application.

The blend includes an activated oxygen shock along with other additives that prevent cloudiness, stains and other common problems.  No extended waiting is required to use the pool after adding Formula “O”.  Swimmers can re-enter the pool after 15 minutes.