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Serum Total Maintenance is a 16 ounce, white-capped bottle with purple liquid.  The label’s background has two halves:  the top half has green leaf veins; the bottom half is solid purple.  The light blue font on the top half of the label says “Hot Tub Serum”.  Below this, it says “total maintenance” in white with “water care” in light blue.  The remaining white verbiage boasts this product is revolutionary in water care.  The bottle’s remaining sides are in white font and are directions for use. SALE

SERUM Total Maintenance (16oz)

$38.99 $46.95
Hot Tub SERUM Maintenance liquid is an EPA registered bio film removal product. It is the only product in the spa industry that aids in the removal of bio-film according to the EPA.  It is designed as a weekly addition to your customers sanitization regiment. The use Hot Tub SERUM Maintenance helps to destroy the bacteria that your customers current sanitizer can’t. It reaches down deep into the plumbing of the spa to help prevent the recurring buildup of sludge and bio-films that plagues every hot tub. The weekly use of Hot Tub SERUM Maintenance will also help to keep the water in the spa crystal clear, soft and clean.