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Pool Blue by Spec Chem comes in a 1 quart bottle.  The label’s background fades from dark blue bubbles at the top to white at the bottom.  Black lettering on the deep blue stripe mid-bottle reads “Pool Blue”.  Below this, white lettering reads “clarifiers”.  The product is made from crab shells, crystal clear water and improves filter efficiency.   The label’s right side, below the stripe, has a blue droplet reading “clarifies cloudy water quickly”.  Warnings are printed on the label’s reverse side.

SPE-100 Millennium Pool Blue (formerly known as Eco Clear)

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This all natural chitosan based clarifier made from recycled crab shells and is one of our customer's favorite products.  This clarifier clears water quickly, is non-toxic and environmentally sustainable.  This clarifier is compatible with all sanitizer systems and pool surfaces.