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“EZ Spa” is in blue capitalized letters.  The brand logo is a purple swirl, tear drop between “EZ” and “Spa”.  A purple stripe centers below “EZ Spa” and  says “Total Care” in white lettering. Below the stripe, blue and purple lettering states this product can be used once a week as a clarifier, stable oxidizer, scale inhibitor, conditioner and balancer. The remaining blue text says this product is formulated for various types of purifiers.  Finally, a warning in blue text is at the bottom of the bottle.

EZ Spa Total Care (2 lb.)

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EZ Spa Total Care® contains a clarifier, stable oxidizer, scale and stain inhibitor, water conditioner as well as balancers to keep spa water clean, clear, and trouble-free. Spa water treated with EZ SPA TOTAL CARE® is odorless and foam-free. This concentrated product creates a proactive water care program that prevents problems instead of treating them on a reactive basis after they occur. EZ SPA® is compatible with ozone and mineral purifiers as well as traditional sanitizers and balancers.