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Orange, rectangular bottle with a white cap that unscrews.  The label on the bottle is orange, but has a pink stripe banding the top and bottom of the label.  In the center of the pink stripe, it says “General Care”.  The front of the label says "Brilliance for spas" in a light blue font with "surface cleaner" in a white, small font.  Ingredients and a warning are on the front of the bottle in a darker orange font.  Directions for use are written on the remaining sides of the bottle.

Brilliance for Spas Surface Cleaner

SKU: BRI-40751
A highly concentrated gel which removes dirt, oils, stains, etc. at the waterline. Effectively removes bathtub ring from spa and bathtub surfaces. Safely cleans all types of spa. Safe with all spa chemical systems. A must for all spa or hot tub owners.