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Serum Total Cleans Watercare comes in a small, white container.  The label’s background has green leaf veins on top; the bottom half is solid purple. The upper left of the label says “Hot Tub Serum” in a tiny, light blue font with “Total Cleanse” centered in white.  “Water care” is in light blue beneath “Total Cleanse”.  Below this, white lettering says “2oz” and “hot tub water care solution”.  A light green stripe is vertically on the right side of the label and says “Step one of two” in white lettering. SALE
The Serum Total Cleans Watercare shows the back of the label which is all written in a small, black font.  It is mainly the directions for how to use this product. SALE

SERUM Hot Tub Purge Gel (2oz)

$36.95 $41.95
Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse is an easy to use jell designed to deep clean your customers spas of sludge and bio-matter. It is the only product in the spa industry that will completely clean and purge a spa in 25 minutes. Hot Tub SERUM Total Cleanse is so powerful ½ of a jar will clean a 350-400 gallon spa twice or a 700 gallon spa once.