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4 Month Algaecide by Spec Chem comes in a 1 quart, rounded top cylinder bottle with a white twist-off cap.  The label’s background has dark blue bubbles at the top and fades to a light blue as you descend the front of the label.  A lavender stripe in the upper third of the label reads “4 Month Algaecide” in black, bold capital letters.  A dark colored rectangle on the left of the bottle reads “Algaecide”.  The remaining label space lists ingredients and gives a cautionary warning for children.

4 Month Algaecide

SKU: SPE-500

4 Month Algaecide by Spec Chem is  a great product for eliminating all type of algae growth that can occur in pools.  Once this fast acting, non-foaming, long lasting algaecide is added to pool water, your pH and chlorine levels are unchanged and you can swim immediately!