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Semi transparent bottle with screw on cap. Spec Chem Ascorbic plus. Stain and scale remover. Removes Iron, coper, manganese, and organic stains from swimming pool and spa surfaces. Instructions and warnings on back of bottle.

Ascorbic+ (formerly known as Multi Stain Eliminator)

SKU: SPE-610
Ascorbic+ is an all-purpose stain remover in our Spec Chem line up that is great for stain and spot removal on all types of surfaces. Ascorbic+ was formerly known as Multi Stain Eliminator, but don't let the name change fool you.  It's the same great product that will eliminate stains originating from manganese, iron and copper as well as organic stains that can form from algae, leaves and mold.  This stain remover is well-suited for use on vinyl liners.