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The FreshWater Ag+ Silver Ion Sanitizer is a gray, cylinder shape and is leaning next to a blue and white box.  The gray cylinder comprises two pieces-a larger, gray cylinder with filtration holes and a smaller cylinder with disk top that inserts into the larger cylinder.  The main colors on the box are blue and white.  The white section has a light, blue drop.  Below in the white section it says “Freshwater” in blue, capital letters.  A blue box lists the composition of ingredients in a white font.

FreshWater Ag+ Silver Ion Sanitizer

SKU: WAT-71326

The Freshwater Ag+ Silver Ion Sanitizer by Hot Spring has a new look!  Hot Spring has moved all their water care products to be called "Freshwater".  It's the same great product, just a different box!

This classic sanitizer by Hot Spring continuously introduces silver ions into your spa water inhibiting bacteria growth.  This sanitizer can be used for a replacement in Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hotspot, Solana and Limelight hot tubs.  The sanitizer improves the performance of ozone and should be replaced every four months. 

Same great product!  Just a new look.