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The FROG @ease Inline Starter Kit is a bluish-green box and contains four items:  a gray cylinder that says @ease smartchlor” , blue @ease cylinder, a small, white bottle containing @ease test strips and a small white pouch that says “jump start” in red lettering. The remaining sides of the box are colored bluish green, have the “FROG @ ease” logo, usage instructions and description of FROG’s smartchlor technology.

FROG @ease Inline Starter Kit

SKU: WAT-77895

Frog's @ease Smartchlor system is a spa care system that allows you to install it and let the system work for nearly a month.  Smartchlor retains the chlorine in an inert state until the chlorine around it gets used, then automatically maintains the level of sanitizer in your spa.

Starter kit includes:

1 SmartChlor cartridge
1 Mineral Cartridge (usually lasts 4 months)
1 packet of Jump Start
30 test strips