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Smartchlor Technology test strips are made by @ease, packaged in a white bottle and contain thirty test strips.  The backing board is aqua with the test strip bottle packaged in clear plastic.  The FROG logo in the upper left corner, “dip and read in two seconds” in the upper right corner and their “@ease” logo is centered on the backer board.  An orange stripe below the above wording says “Smartchlor Teststrips Technology” in white.  These strips test Smartchlor, total alkalinity, pH and total hardness.

Smartchlor Technology test strips by @ease (30/pack)

SKU: WAT-78257
Frog @ease SmartChlor Technology Test Strips easily test the chlorine level in hot tubs using the Frog @ease sanitizing system. Each strips tests for SmartChlor, Total Alkalinity, pH and Total Hardness. Results are ready in just 2 seconds.