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The Quick Swim Oxidizer is a half white, half blue, package and is made by Pool Life.  The top, white half of the package read “Pool life:  Exclusive Pool Care Collection” in blue.  The bottom blue half lists active ingredients and a caution in white, bold lettering.  A rounded square that is half light blue and half white is centered on the dark, blue half of the package.  The dark, blue lettering in the square reads “Quick Swim Oxidizer:  Multifunctional Oxidizer Treatment:  Swim in fifteen minutes.”

PLF-22104 - PoolLIfe 1# Quick Swim Oxidizer

SKU: PLF-22104
Poolife Quick Swim Oxidizer allows you to swim in as few as 15 minutes after shocking. This shock is combined with a ph buffer and dry clarifier and helps to boost free chlorine concentrations.