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Pool Style Fresh Start is packaged in a 10# white, plastic bucket with a red screw on lid. Label is a white background with a red stripe that says Fresh Start. Black lettering below the stripe says High powered oxidizer that will turn green pools clear. Lifts debris from the bottom of the pool for easier cleanup. Controls white water mold and pink slime. Active ingredient Sodium Percarbonate. Keep out of reach of children. Read warnings on label.

PST-C002850 - 10# Fresh Start

SKU: PSL-50-1510

PoolStyle Problem Solvers provide economic solutions to common problems. Specially formulated to protect your investment.

100% Sodium Percarbonate, Fresh Start is designed to solve severe water fouling problems. It will remove white water mold, pink slime and turn a severely green pool blue. Fresh Start is compatible with all sanitizing systems and will not bleach your pool’s surface.