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Ultima PhosFight is packaged in a white 32 oz. bottle with a purple screw on cap. The label shows a wave of water with a purple wavy banner above it. Yellow and white words on the label state: Phosphate remover. Proven to eliminate phosphates sourced from pool chemicals, fertilizers, cleaners, and other pollutants. Keep out of reach of children Danger! Corrosive to eyes and skin. May be fatal if inhaled. Read all precautionary statements and first aid on back panel before use.

ULT-27836A - Phos Fight Removes 1,000 PPB in 20K Gallons

SKU: ULT-27836A
Ultima Phos FIGHT phosphate remover eliminates phosphates from swimming pool water. This product will not change the water balance and will not harm plants or animals. PhosFIGHT phosphate remover keeps salt generators working efficiently by removing contaminants. Useful Tips:
  • Eliminates phosphates from pool water
  • One quart removes 1,000 ppb in 20,000 gallons of water
  • Will not alter water balance
  • Great for use with salt chlorine generators