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Nano-Phos is a small, purple cylinder with a screw on cap. Front label reads Ultima Nano-Phos Ultra Pure Phosphate Remover. Rear label indicates dosage. Tube contains five 1" tablets.


SKU: ULT-27832A
For superior performance and the ultimate in convenience, try NANO-PHOS. The first phosphate remover in tablet form. Perfect for use in a skimmer, each tablet contains a rare-Earth salt blend that dissolves with much less clouding than with liquid products. Tab in, phosphate out! Re-Check the filter pressure on your pool filter and backwash or clean the filter as needed. Re-test phosphate levels after 48-72 hours. Useful Tips:
  • Before treatment, backwash or clean the filter
  • Each tablet will reduce phosphate levels by 440 ppb in 10,000 gallons
  • Apply the product directly to the skimmer basket while the pool pump is running