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360 degree pool bush is a nylon brush to be mounted on the end of a pool vacuum pole. Orange, white, and blue bristles extend from the brush in every direction earning it the name 360 degree brush.


This high-quality 18-in 360-degree Brush-A-Round Pool Brush is light weight, sturdy and effective. No dirt will escape your reach. The innovative 360 degree cleaning capability with built-in corner brushes make cleaning tight corners, walls and steps effortless. The five rows of long-lasting polypropylene bristles and heavy-duty brush feature a unique pole connection. Simply attach the brush to your telescopic pole (not included) and scrub dirt or debris away from virtually anywhere in or around your pool area. This pool brush will deliver years of reliable cleaning power. The perfect tool, Guaranteed to help keep every inch of your pool area clean and debris free.

 18" 360° Brush-A-Round Pool Brush:
  • Heavy duty brush
  • 360 degree long-lasting polypropylene cleaning bristles
  • No rough edges to scuff or scratch your pool liner
  • Cleans corners, curves, steps, ladders, wood decks and tiled surfaces
  • built-in corner brushes