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Black, plastic swimming pool cover pump with attached blue collapsible blue hose.

BLT-AC 21199 - Old Man Winter Auto Cover Pump

SKU: BLT-AC 21199
Protect your pool—no matter what the weather. The Old Man Winter 1,500 gallons-per-hour cover pump works at high-turbulent speeds to keep your pool safe from rainwater, debris, and other costly contaminants. Equipped with a genius dual automatic switch that can drain down to 1/8 inch of water, this high-powered pump fires on and shuts off without hassle or supervision. Designed for a forceful operation throughout all seasons, this pump features a fully-submersible body, a patented pre-filter to prevent clogs caused by debris, and an XL 30’ discharge hose. Get it before the next storm and those to come with expedited shipping options and an included three-year warranty.
  • Works and Ships Fast
  • Self-Operates to Save Energy Costs
  • High-Grade HP Ensures Water Removal Up to a Whopping 1,500 Gallons per Hour
  • Dual Automatic Switch Drains to 1/8 Inch of Water, Activates at 4.25" of Water
  • Protective Fully-Submersible Pump Body
  • Patented Pre-Filter Sponge Pad to Prevent Clogging
  • 25 ft Power Cord for Flexible and Comfortable Use
  • Standard Hose Adapter for Simple Installation & Quick Setup
  • Extra-Long 30 ft Discharge Hose for Efficient Draining
  • Oil-Free Design for Environmental Protection and Easy Cleaning