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Ultima Endure Water Conditioner is sold in a 20 pound white bucket with a screw on lid. A wavy purple label with water bubbles at the bottom states Endure Water Conditioner Creates Crystal Clear water. Conditions water making it feel softer. Clarifies water by improving filtration. A light blue band at the bottom says Multi-Action in white letters.

Ultima Endure Water Treatment 10#

SKU: ULT-27883A

10 LBS-Enhance your swimming experience with Endure® product. Get the most out of your pool with added comfort and less maintenance, so that you spend less time maintaining your pool and more time with your family in and around the pool.

  • Dramatically prevent algae growth.
  • Greatly enhance the condition of the pool water making it more comfortable to swim in, especially for children who suffer from eye and skin irritation, and at the same time helps moisturize the skin. The water is also softer on the skin and hair.
  • Reduces tile ring and scale build up on pool surfaces and equipment in hard water areas.